One year ago I had the idea of studying abroad. From the very first minute, I knew that studying on the other side of the world is what I want to do. A lot of people asked me why New Zealand? I consider living in New Zealand as a great opportunity to improve my skills, to make new experiences and to discover a foreign culture. In addition, travelling to New Zealand takes a lot of time, so just going there for a 2-weeks holiday is not really an option. And what employer gives you that amount of free time?  So the opportunity of studying abroad is a chance everyone should take. I will and I am looking forward to an adventurous year. Caused by the time difference of 10 hours, Universities in New Zealand have partner organisations in Germany. Thanks to GoZealand! for your help with my application!
While celebrating my birthday, I received the offer letter from Lincoln University. Now I have already booked my flight to Christchurch (operated by Emirates with an A380 :)) and organized an international driver's licence and the very expensive student visa. I subscribed to the courses Aspects of Sustainability: An International Perspective, Energy and Transport Planning as well as Tourist Behaviour. Also my application for accommodation on campus was confirmed, so I will stay in a small farm house with 3 other students. That sounds pretty cool, right?

The Lincoln University is located on the south island about 20 minutes away from Christchurch and famous for its research in agriculture. I'm already excited now and really looking forward to my stay in New Zealand. Next to my studies I'm planning to hike the Abel Tasman Coast Track and let's see, which countries I'm going to visit after my exams. My next blog will be published live from New Zealand!

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